Yum: Berger Cookies

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Today my husband got to peruse my Pinterest board of desserts and choose something for me to attempt.  He chose Berger cookies, a Maryland classic.  I found a link to the recipe at Sweet Little Bluebird.

Photo from Sweet Little Bluebird

I haven't done a lot of cooking from scratch, since up until now life was moving at lightning speed.  These were actually pretty simple and didn't take much time.  I followed the second recipe linked from the page and made the icing first, so it could cool.  The best part for me is that I already had most of the ingredients already in my pantry (and I do not have an extensive pantry).  I did have to pick up some corn syrup (woo hoo), which I've noticed is in all kinds of fun candy and dessert recipes.  Sad how excited that made me.

My finished product doesn't look quite as nice as the picture above, but I think that's because I don't have much patience when faced with a bowl of chocolate icing. My hubby, Matt, and the girls loved them. I ended up with chocolate on my leg, as Ada (17 months) tried climbing up me to get more.  I think they were pretty delish.

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