Little Ones Learning: Apple play time!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Apple Play Dough

Here is a simple recipe for homemade play dough:

playdough recipe
Homemade play dough recipe from Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

To make apple cinnamon play dough, simply add red or green food dye and apple pie spice or cinnamon to your play dough.  Knead it together, and then it's play time!  As you can see, I made ours green.  Apparently I had used up all the red food dye.  Oops! :)  Fortunately, the kids loved it anyway!

I put down a plastic drop cloth on the kitchen floor for the kids to play on.  We put out the farm toys, as well as some pots, plates, and utensils.  They played for over 45 minutes with the play dough, and surprisingly,  it was only tasted once!   This picture shows how much the recipe made:

Each of the three little ones had their own sandwich bag of apple play dough to keep!

Apple Cloud Dough

I am new to the world of cloud dough, but it looks awesome.  Here is the simplest recipe I've found:

Flour + Baby Oil = Cloud Dough
Cloud dough recipe from Kiwi Crate

Just like the play dough, adding some red food coloring and apple pie spice or cinnamon to this recipe makes it apple cloud dough

Unlike the play dough, this recipe for cloud dough has baby oil, so it is not edible.  I wouldn't recommend using cloud dough with very young children, unless you know they will not try to eat it.

Apple Stamping

Terri from Creative Family Fun shows how to do apple stamping with some basic supplies.  Looks easy enough!  When we do this, I plan on using red, yellow, and green paint for the various colors of apples. 

Apple Stamping from Creative Family Fun

Terri also suggests covering the apple-printed papers with contact paper for fall place mats.  Such a cute idea!

Next up is our trip to the apple orchard for some apple picking!  
Thanks for stopping by and God bless!
- Jessica

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