Little Ones Learning: Farm Painting and Stamping

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Next up: farm painting!  

I found a lot of great artsy ideas from Pinterest that go along with the farm theme.  Here are a few:

Farm Painting from Two-Daloo

toddler activities

Garden Vegetable Painting from No Time for Flashcards

Paint with Vegetables
Veggie Paint Brush from Creative with Kids

As I was searching through my own craft supplies, I found a bag of stamps (from my childhood) that just happen to be farm animals (score!) .  So I decided to let the kids do some farm animal "stamping".  Here are the supplies I used:

With this art project (with any really), I wanted to be flexible and allow the kids to do whatever they want with it.  I figured Lucas and Ada wouldn't really get the whole "stamping" concept, so I figured I'd just let them explore, which they did!  They also tried to make a snack of it.  Both of them got very excited and made animal noises (for Ada, it just happened to always be a moo) as they recognized each animal.
By Ada
By Lucas
By Grace

Here are finished paintings:

Don't you love all the awesome animal prints?!  Haha!  If you look REAL closely, you might spot a couple.  

Even though you can't exactly tell this is farm painting, the important thing is that the kids enjoyed themselves and learned through the experience.  I think their paintings are pretty cute. :)

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