I Am Second

Saturday, September 21, 2013

I Am Second
Image from Bethel Church

I came across a series of videos from a movement called "I am second" on YouTube yesterday and feel the need to share them.  The videos are of pretty-famous people (and some not-so famous people) giving testimonials about their personal journey with God.  They have all come to put Jesus first (they are "second" - hence the name "I am second").  I was glued to my computer for like 2 hours.  But you don't have to watch that long to feel the inspiration.

They are only a few minutes each, so I started watching a few.  Who doesn't love Tony Dungy?!  

Tony Dungy Image from

Maybe John Harbaugh would do one?  Go Ravens!

And then this one caught my eye...

Brian Welch from Korn
Image from
His name didn't ring a bell, but I saw Korn.  What?!  A guy from Korn? I checked that out.  

And after a couple others I came upon Kathy Ireland.  I remember her fondly from back in the 90's when all us little girls wanted to be super models.  Right?  Just me?  Well a super model, Miss America, and a gold medal gymnast AND figure skater.  

Kathy Ireland
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Kathy Ireland's really resonated with me.  I often feel the same way that she describes; feeling like you want to put God first, but kids and life require so much of us.  Her story really inspired me.  I feel like I was meant to see that video.  

There are athletes, actors, musicians, leaders, and regular people.  Here is a list from Wikipedia of the "famous" people who are "Seconds":  

Just search here to find their video.

There is something so very wonderful about hearing people speak so passionately about their faith, even if we don't all share the same religion.  

Thanks for reading and God bless!

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