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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Using a variety of ways to engage kids on a topic is the best way to meet the needs of all learners.  Here are a few cool ways to teach your child more about apples:

Hands-on Apple Exploration

One of the best ways for kids to learn about any topic is to see the real thing.  Apples are so easy to do this with!  Let your child explore apples.  Talk about how they look, smell, and feel.  Kids soak up the language you use, so talk away!  

Cut an apple open and do some taste testing.  If you have several kinds, compare the different apples on the inside and outside.  

With a cut-open apple, investigate the inside.  Preschoolers can do the exploring on their own, as they are not going to eat the seeds or core.  For smaller children, like Ada and Lucas, I showed them the parts of the apple, but I knew they would try eating those seeds!  Be sure to talk about the parts of an apple and their purposes. 


Apple Songs

A variety of fun and educational apple songs can be found at Everything Preschool.  I especially like the ones that teach about the life cycle of apples or counting.

Printable Apples Book

apples mini book
Print out this FREE Apples mini-book from DLTK.  There are two versions of the book; a simpler one and more challenging one.  Both books have simple illustrations and tell information about apples and how an apple tree grows.  If you print it in black-and-white, your child can color it too!

Here's Grace coloring her Apples book.

Disney's Johnny Appleseed Video

Have your child watch this short, 17 minute, Disney video: The Legend of Johnny Appleseed.  Like all Disney movies, it has fun songs and great animation.  It's great for the apple unit because it focuses a lot on apples and tells about the legend of Johnny Appleseed, who was a real person named John Chapman. It also shows how important apples are because of their many uses.  Grace loved it, and kept asking to watch it again and again!

Tomorrow I'll be sharing some fun apple foods that we are making in our home and some other apple recipes!  

Thanks for visiting and God bless!

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