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Monday, September 9, 2013

As a first/second grade teacher, I'd never heard of a sensory bin.  It was only through perusing Pinterest that I found out about sensory bins for young children.  Such a good idea!  So until now I haven't really ventured into trying one out.  I found some really great farm related sensory bins from Living Montessori Now.

40+ Farm Sensory Tubs
Photo from Living Montessori Now

Because we're living on a very tight budget right now, I resisted going out and buying all kinds of beans, rocks, moss, straw, etc.  Although, that would be really fun!  I found a few items around my house that I could use along with the Little People farm animals and objects.

I used some paper shreds from Easter, rice, pom poms, and leaves.  I also put out some measuring spoons.

The kids were definitely excited to play with the sensory bin.  They were especially interested in the rice, and loved scooping it with the measuring spoons.  I figured it would get a little messy, so I put it outside.  Good thing.  The rice was everywhere!  

If you have other ideas for what to put in a sensory bin, let me know!

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