Little Ones Learning: Pumpkin Poems

Sunday, October 13, 2013

A great way to help kids express their ideas about a topic is through poetry.  I remember being very intimated by poetry until I became a teacher.  I enjoyed it much more once I realized that poetry can be written anyway you want.  It's kind of liberating!  

To help my daughter Grace express her ideas about pumpkins, we wrote a poem.  This type of activity can also help your child build vocabulary by using adjectives, sensory words, and content specific words (words having to do with pumpkins).  With young children and those new to writing poetry, having some structure can be helpful.  I came up with a little pumpkin poem template that looks like this:

Pumpkin Poem  Click the link to open and print.

For this template, simply write a word or phrase on each line.  

  • 2 words that tell how a pumpkin feels.  This could be the inside or outside of the pumpkin.  
  • 3 words that tell how a pumpkin looks.  
  • 2 ways that pumpkins are used.
  • 1 word to describe a pumpkin.
Before writing your poem, brainstorm ideas with your child.  You may want to have a pumpkin with you to help your little one come up with ideas.  

If you'd rather not have the directions on your poem template, use this one:

Pumpkin Poem Template
Click the link above to open and print.
Get creative if you want, and use the pumpkin template any way you'd like.  

Here is an example of what a pumpkin poem might look like:

Enjoy writing your pumpkin poems!  
- Jessica

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