Catholic Family Meeting {Prep for 5th Sunday of Lent - Cycle B}

Monday, March 16, 2015

I cannot believe it is already the 5th Sunday of Lent!  I'm in a need of a little refocusing on my Lenten goals and putting God first, even when (or especially when) things get hectic.  

This week's readings explained very well by Loyola Press' website here, and all three readings are preparing us for Jesus' passion.  The gospel reading will definitely need some explanation for children (and of course, I needed it too!), as Jesus tells His disciples:

Does God really call us to hate our life?  

To children, this will be quite confusing.  What Jesus wants is for us to be detached from the things of this world.  He wants us to have an eternal perspective, and to put our love of God first.  

The awesome thing about this is that as you detach yourself from worldly things and cares, you come to love life even more.  

What a wonderful lesson to teach our children, especially if yours are like mine and have every creature comfort and live a very privileged life.  And I need to relearn this lesson everyday to keep myself from living the way of the world, attached to possessions, comforts, and even people.

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