Catholic Family Meeting {October 5 Sunday Gospel}

Monday, September 29, 2014

It's already time to get ready for Sunday!

Things have seemed to get really hectic lately with the start of school, sports, and other activities.  It has been a challenge for us to schedule a night each week for our family meetings.  I really have to think it out well in advance to carve out that time, but it has been so worth it!  

We are far better prepared for church on Sunday, and Grace has been asking after Sunday, "what's our next verse?"  She is a little sponge!  There is also few things cooler than listening to your 5 year old recite John 3:16 and explain its meaning.  Winning!

I spent a lot of time sifting through various websites to compile the prep materials for this Sunday, October 5.  Be sure to check out any links, as some of them give great background information on the readings.  I am certainly no theologian, so they have been incredibly helpful in understanding the deeper meanings of these biblical passages that probably sound like another language to our kids....and to me!

So here it is:

Have a wonderful family meeting!


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