A Simple St. Patrick's Day

Friday, March 14, 2014

St. Patrick's Day will be here in just a few days, and I admit I'm a bit overwhelmed with what to do and how to celebrate this special day with the kids.  So I set out to find some ideas for celebrating a simple St. Patrick's Day and keep the focus on the real reason behind the holiday:  St. Patrick!

from Happy Saints

About St. Patrick

St. Patrick is one of the most well-known saints, as his feast day is celebrated on March 17 throughout the world.  He pretty much single-handedly converted all of Ireland to Christianity, making him the patron saint of Ireland.  Green and shamrocks are important symbols of St. Patrick's day because Patrick used the green shamrock to explain the trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  He's kind of a big deal.  

You can find in-depth information about St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, here.  I also love this explanation of St. Patrick from Happy Home Fairy and her poem, "The Trinity":

Here is a fun Saint Patrick's Day Song for the kids that also tells a bit about St. Patrick and other traditions of the holiday.

Easy Crafts and Activities

St. Patrick's Coloring Pages
Catholic Inspired

printable trinity craft for kids
Printable Trinity Craft
Catholic Icing
If you don't want to paint, you could also just color in a shamrock with crayons or cut one out of green construction paper.

Texture Collage Shamrock
No Time for Flashcards
I love this idea because you can use whatever random green items you have around your house!

Easy St. Patrick's Day Foods

green food ideas
Lucky Charms and Green Milk
Thoughtfully Simple
Who doesn't love an excuse to buy Lucky Charms?!  And dying green milk can be as simple as using green food coloring or green jello mix.

Fruit Rainbow
Saucy Mommy
Love how easy and healthy this one is.  And you can talk about the rainbow as a symbol of God's promise from the story of Noah's Ark.

Shamrock Pizza
Make the Best of Everything
I don't think dinner gets any easier than frozen pizza with some cut up spinach.  Another idea is to just put other green veggies on the pizza.

Looking for even easier food?

Two words, green and shamrock.

Pretty much anything green and/or cut into the shape of a shamrock goes for St. Patrick's Day.  

Green grapes, green peppers, salad, spinach wraps, whatever you have on-hand make it easy to have St. Patrick's Day food. 

Or just use some green food coloring to make some staples, like pancakes, waffles, yogurt, or rice crispy treats green.  (Rice crispy treats are a staple, right?)

Shamrock Rice Crispy Treats
Simply Designing
St. Patrick's Day Pancakes
Green pancakes
She Knows
See?!  I know my little ones will go nuts for even just regular foods that are green.

Oh and here's a fun, free printable Irish blessing for some St. Patrick's Day decor:  

irish blessing chalk printable
Free Printable Irish Blessing
Sweet C Designs
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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